Thursday, August 02, 2007

A long day that simply grew.....

I would like to think I am more adept at using a computer than most, yet somehow today it all went wrong.

The day was going well up until 4:30. We'd had reporting to do in the morning and then being Thursday, it was polo lessons at lunch which was lovely in the sun. This was all topped of with a fantastic BBQ and beer before getting back to work. I was somewhat sleepy by this point to say the least, I blame the beer personally. I started doing some data analysis and re-arrangement in the morning, and continued with it once the BBQ was over. It was all going very well to be honest, I pressed shutdown at the end of the day and it asked if I wanted to save the docs, as i was typing in a file name, it obviously got impatient and shutdown anyway. So I lost everything, I had another go tonight at home, but was too tired to have any idea what was going on. Oh well, back on it in the morning!

Katie gets back from her riding trip in Ireland tomorrow, it's been good to get some space to myself over the last week and a half. She seems to have had a good time though which is good.

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