Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another one gone

Another weekend over, but very productive on the whole. You've already heard about yesterday, so I'll talk about today.

Went for my usual Sunday ride, but this week, we had a newcomer. A guy called Chris who used to ride for one of the local clubs here in sheffield. Being the competetive guy I am, I felt the need to assert myself on the situation and wouldn't be beaten by him. I succeeded, but at the cost of every muscle in my legs. I'm shattered, but feel it was good training. Was also a blazingly hot day, 26 degrees C in the peak district, which meant liquids were at a real premium when riding for 3 hours with only 2 litres.
Still managed to maintain a 16.7mph average for the day, which is what we normally average on cooler days. The others had a good ride too, not much separated us throughout the day, though I still put the biggest gaps in going up climbs (god I love them). Fantastic ride with fantastic always.

Going out again on Tuesday hopefully, if I'm recovered that is.

Back to work tomorrow, and a series of client meetings next week should keep me on my toes. Other than that, business as usual...whatever that is.

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