Sunday, June 25, 2006

Left at work, whilst she's out climbing

Work was very quiet today, only a few people about. Went bouldering for half an hour at lunch which was cool, sent 3 problems I hadn't done before.
But then as I was working the afternoon stint, my girlfriend comes to inform me that she's going out climbing for the evening............with other men!!! I say!!! So not only was i left knowing that i wasn't climbing and she was, but she'd taken the car, leaving me to walk home having locked up at the end of the day, the cheek of it.
Oh well, maybe this was the retribution i was waiting for after all the success recently!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

2 First Timers and awaiting compensation!!

Well it's been eventfull over the past week, having acheived two personal triumphs, in that most will think them feeble. I lead my first E1 on grit (having already lead E2 in wales and soloed E1 on grit) with my brother at Bamford on Nemmes Pas Harry (E1 5B). Having done this, i was enthused to do more. Katie and myself went to The Foundry yesterday for a few hours and having warmed up i set up a 6c (ok, so not hard at all) on the mildly overhanging wall. Having failed on the 6b next to it just after christmas i was rather sceptical of the outcome. However, it all came together and i managed to breeze through it without any trepedation. With this much going well, i'm just waiting for the S**t to hit the fan somewhere!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

HPC - Can you spell it?

Here we are on top of Pebble at Plantation having a spelling lesson. Squint your eyes and see HPC (High Peak Club). Genius. Well done to all those involved, our sponsors and my teachers who would marvel at my new spelling ability!!

Gritstone summer evening

Here's my first blog, and what a way to start. A day out in the peak district to plantation, saw all of us being eaten by midges left, right and centre. How our very own Lisa managed to climb bare foot and in a skirt whilst the rest of us squirmed from the bites, I have no idea, but credit to her for the effort! Aside from that, a great day was had by all, getting 3 problems sent by myself, and many more by others. How i miss the bitter cold days on the gritstone when it's hot, then when it's cold i pray for some finger warming sun!!